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Tree Gratitude - Oct 2015This past weekend, my list of Gratitudes filled to overflowing: for kindred family and friends and strangers who delight in unexpected ways; for the way life tends to ease us into what is needed most, to a point where we almost believe it was our idea; for wild rides from visions to realities that never begin or end with details-planned in tact; and, for my children who wake me to Divine Truth and, my husband who cares for me in the ways that will heal and waken me despite my stubborn antics that would seek to convince him otherwise.

I put my neck and back out this weekend, and thus was called IN.

A thousand things to be done and adventures to be had, and my reality-prince halted it all for R&R and Jenni-pampering. House cleaned, laundry done, a Thanksgiving feast prepared and meals made for the week, not-to-mention…

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Inner Flame

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Addiction & Recovery Related

Awesome post!

So beautiful ❤

Prayer about will ♥


Hey Beautiful,

I truly hope that your day has been going well, but if it hasn’t, I do hope it gets better. You’re such an amazing & inspiring individual, keep up the hard work! I know you are dealing with a situation right now & it has you feeling insecure or uncertain. I want you to know how incredibly important you are & remind you that you are a beautiful person inside & out. I also want you to know that I’m here for you always & that true compassion still exists. I do hope this has lifted your spirits.

Much Love, Ashley